It’s homework time again. I think most of you know the rules for this activity now. Describe something without saying what it is.

This week, I would like you to describe an Olympic event.

A good way to do this activity would be to write in the first person, imagining that you are taking part in the event.

*What can you see?
*What can you hear?
*How do you feel?
*What specific vocabulary can you use that will give me a clue about the event?

Have fun everyone, I look forward to reading your work

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This week, for your literacy homework, your task is to describe an animal. You should focus on the features of that animal and, if you choose, the setting where you might find it.

The only rule to your description is that you are not allowed to tell me the name of the animal.

This homework can be written on paper and handed in or posted on the blog as a comment below (you can even do it as a 100 word challenge if you like)

Remember: do not say what the animal is.


I think that you all know the rules for these by now. If you have forgotten, take a look at the 100 word challenge tab at the top of Mr Alderdice’s blog page.

As it is School Grounds Week next week, your prompt this week is:

…he stepped into the woods…

Leave your entry as a comment below (don’t forget to copy it before you submit, just in case anything goes wrong).

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This week we have been watching ‘The Piano’ in Literacy. The film focuses on the memories of the man who plays the piano.
Write 100 words to describe a place that you have a happy memory of visiting. Try to describe the place using your senses and remember to use exiting sentence openers.

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Hi Martha

Did you buy an Ali Sparkes book from Chorlton High?

I think you did, but remind me which one you bought

Miss West

Happy Easter on PhotoPeach